This may happen to you…

This is what we do to people who go on vacation at my work... There you are having a nice little holiday in Hawaii you plan to come back to work refreshed and rejuvenated...but when you return to your desk...BAM! It has been decorated like a float in the Macy's T-day Parade. This is what you get for having a fun week off! Ha!Actually, this is all the handi-work of one of my … [Read more...]

Thursday Breakfast – Today I love … my chipped nails

Happy Thursday, I got in a very good run this morning and took the dogs for a quick around the block too! Breakfast was oatmeal with WHEAT BERRIES - I finally made them! - plus a naner, a little almond milk, brown sugar and PB added after the picture was taken. Now that I have put PB in my oatmeal I can't stop! Every time I have oats now I start to eat it and then stop and get … [Read more...]

Wednesday, all day

So, I get a call early Wednesday that the computers are down at work and I should work from home. Yeah! But, not really, because I am pretty stressed right now and being at home ALL DAY with too much comida is not good. Boo. I would say see below, but I neglected to take pictures of what made the most damage - snacks!Breakfast started out okay - cereal, naner, nf then some … [Read more...]