Recipe Question – Lemon Cake

The BF's B-day is coming up next week. He has requested lemon cake for his birthday cake. I should have never asked him what he wanted because I was hoping to make chocolate :) Just kidding, now I'm craving an amazing lemon cake...Anyways, does anyone have a good tried and true recipe for Lemon Cake? It has to be a winner because I am trying to impress (myself more than … [Read more...]

Happy Thursday

I am working from home today, which means I will be a little too close to my kitchen and lots of foodies! Ahh! I am going to stick to my plan and really listen to my body and eat when I am hungry. I will NOT eat because I am stressed or bored or tired or lonely or mad or anything besides hungry. I'll keep ya updated on how I do.I think my cat and dogs are happy to have me … [Read more...]

Crazy Day – Wednesday

It is still crazy over here! Anyways, I was running late as usual, and decided to skip making cereal or oatmeal to eat in the car and just grabbed a yogurt. and some blurry strawberries. Nice photography Monica! But, really you should give me a break since I was driving. On the freeway. In California. During morning rush hour. You get the idea. I made oat bran when I got to … [Read more...]