Tuesday 9/30

I wanted cereal today, but the banana I had would only work in oatmeal since it was way too ripe. It ended up making the oats super sweet and creamy though :) I don't know may be it's the warm California weather, but I want cereal for breakfast more often than anything else.Run : 1 hour, a few farteks thrown inEat: 1/2c oats, 1/2 light soymilk, naner, dash salt, cinnamon, … [Read more...]

Monday Recap

One of my peeps came by my desk before lunch and was eating my chips and since they were there I had a handful too! Opps. I don't even like those things (the fake Sun Chips from TJ's) so I left them on her desk to have. Lunch was a LC butternut squash ravioli meal. So good! I have to write my name on it because people will eat your food. Lame.Calories (with chips) - 400 cals My … [Read more...]


I am going to NYC on Tuesday and will be there until Sunday. The BF is in a wedding for one of his best friends and we thought we would make it a mini-vacay.1. My question is - Do you have suggestions for healthy eats in the city? I have not been there since I was 12 so I have no clue where to eat/what to eat...2. Also, where is a good place to run?I don't know exactly where we … [Read more...]

Monday Breakfast

I went shopping for a dress for a wedding I'm attending this weekend and came back empty handed. I did however find this cute pink hat. I love it! I didn't get it because I wouldn't actually have anywhere to where it or anything to where it with, but I had to get a pic. I think I should try to bring hats back! I know I'm weird... So, I may have found the secret to staying full … [Read more...]

Wednesday Recap & Pumpkin Ice Cream

I had some triscuits and a cheese stick in the afternoon when I was getting hungry. It's really weird that my tastes are changing and I have been craving salty snacks over sweet sometimes. Dinner was salad, ww couscous and fish I made on the Foreman. I almost forgot that I had a Foreman because it's been so long since I've used it. I love that thing - it makes THE BEST grilled … [Read more...]

Oats with eggs

So I tried the suggestion to put eggs in my oatmeal. I added 1 egg white and it really seemed to bulk up the bowl. It was almost overflowing!I made it with: 1/2c each - oats, soymilk, waternaner1 egg whitecinnamon and dash saltbrown sugar on topPBThis bowl was really good, but not as good as yesterday. I think the trick from yesterday's was that the soymilk and naner marinated … [Read more...]

Tuesday Recap

So here is a quick recap of Tuesday so I can get to the good stuff. Lunch was a turkey sandwich with carrots, snap peas and couple of chips on the side - with hummus too! Afternoon snack was Kashi Trail Mix. Chocolate chips just make everything better, don't they? and some watermelon because it was there... I got to my mom's about 8pm and was super hungry. Luckily my mom had … [Read more...]

Question : Oatmeal vs. Eggs

Word up, it's Tuesday. I hope this week goes by quickly. I just feel so busy right now I need the weekend so I can study for the GRE and get my life in order. I think I have an anxiety disorder because I get so stressed out and overwhelmed it's not pleasant. Boo. I did a short run this morning and grabbed some grapes while walking out the door.Guess what I had for breakfast? … [Read more...]

Monday Recap

I started Monday with a 4 mile run plus some hill repeats. I had to wait until I got to work to eat breakfast. I don't like to do that because it's over an hour after I finished my run and I think it makes me hungry for the rest of the day. I made oat bran with a naner and brown sugar. I also topped it with some South Beach granola. Lunch was a LC pizza with carrots and snap … [Read more...]

AB – Announcement

Almond Butter Announcement!Have you guys heard that Justin's Nut Butter will be available at Starbucks? Yes, the 100 calories packs are for sale at the 'bucks now. Isn't that cool?! … [Read more...]

Oatmeal Challenge – Not that Challenging…

Ha, I found this picture online and thought it was perfect to kick off my oatmeal challenge.Don't get too excited it's not actually that challenging actually. I am challenging myself to eat oatmeal for breakfast for the next 6 weeks. I want to start everyday on a positive and healthy note and I think when I stuff myself full of cold cereal because I am trying to get full or … [Read more...]


Made it through another week. This week was tough because I didn't have any rest over the weekend to re-energize. Well, hopefully I will have some time to relax this weekend. I am getting my hair cut on Sunday and maybe doing some highlights - so I'm super excited about that. I also have to watch Matt this weekend since my Mom is going to a local casino for the day. I need to … [Read more...]

Thursday recap…

Lunch Thursday was kid style - PB&J with watermelon. I call it kid style because this is Matt's favorite lunch and because I made a mess with it. Dessert - my last piece of dark chocolate. Well, not my last last piece because I have dark choc at home, but my last piece at work. I had some watermelon and grapes a little while later. I couldn't tell if I was hungry or … [Read more...]

High Fructose Corn Syrup – Diet Friend or Foe?

I have always voted Foe, and a recent article in SparkPeople seems to agree.To break it down very simply - it says that your body reacts to Fructose differently than other sugars. Normally sugar sparks something in your body to tell you when you are full. High Fructose Corn Syrup does not have this affect on your body so it is hard to just listen to your body's signals to know … [Read more...]

Happy Thursday!

I am so happy it's Thursday since I get to work from home tomorrow. But I am bummed that the BF is going out of town this weekend to party it up. I should party it up over here to make me feel better... First, look at my cat. He has had this black spot on his side for 2 days now. He does this all the time, unlike most cats who clean themselves religiously my cat likes to stay … [Read more...]

Happy Tuesday!

So how is every one's week going? So far so good over here. I have a lot to accomplish this week and the BF is actually going out of town on Thursday so I will have to weekend to get a lot done. I don't think I am a girly-girl, but I am pretty excited to get my hair done this weekend. It's been along time since I've gotten a cut or anything and by the end of the summer after … [Read more...]