What the heck is that?

That, my friends, is supposed to be a pancake. I don't know what happened but apparently something went wrong. I used:about 1/3c oats1/3 c cottage cheese2 egg whitesbaking powderdash of saltdash of waterI think there were too many wet ingredients and it was hard to flip, so I had to cut it into 2 pieces and flip each one individually. The important this is that it tasted good. … [Read more...]

Weigh in 9/1

I guess I am crazy enough to just put it all out there: I weigh 160 pounds. Yes readers, it has gotten that bad. This is the most I have weighed since that year of high school when I was super depressed and let myself get to 170, outside of that I've been around 150 pretty steadily through college. A combination of stress/emotional eating and bad habits of night time snacking … [Read more...]