Weigh in 9/1

I guess I am crazy enough to just put it all out there: I weigh 160 pounds. Yes readers, it has gotten that bad. This is the most I have weighed since that year of high school when I was super depressed and let myself get to 170, outside of that I’ve been around 150 pretty steadily through college. A combination of stress/emotional eating and bad habits of night time snacking have caused me to get up to 160 (now I can’t stop writing it).

Anyways, I am joining Chandra’s 6 week challenge to see who can lose the most weight and I figured if I had to come clean to her I might as well come clean to you too. So here’s the deal: I will weigh in every Monday morning, (but I started on Friday) from here on it will be Mondays:

8/29 – 160
9/8 – (just back from the cruise!)
9/15 9/22
9/29 (just back from Big Bear, I think)
10/6 (just back from NY the night before!)

So yeah I have a lot of things planned for the next 6 weeks, but I am not going to let that stop me. I am going to enjoy my travels and enjoy my life while watching what I am eating and exercising. Who says you can’t have it all? If I want dessert on the cruise I will have some, but I will stop when I am full and make sure to exercise. It’s all about balance right? But, I’ll need some support so please cheer me on!

I am excited to lose weight in a healthy way – that’s what this blog is all about. I will keep you all posted on my progress! Wish me luck :)

My goals:
Starting weight : 160 pounds
Goal weight : 145 pounds
The Plan:
1600 cals a day
Exercise 6 days a week
No emotional eating (write in my planner, call a friend, go for a walk)
No night time “habit snacking” (if I want a treat or snack I can eat 1 small treat)

Obviously, I won’t lose 15 pounds in 6 weeks but I am going to stick to the plan and see what I can do. This blog will play a major role in holding me accountable. I plan to post consistently for the next 6 weeks. Sorry I’ve been so bad about that lately! Moving forward – healthy weight loss and fun tales of adventures. Who’s with me?


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    At least you didn’t eat a cheesecake AND a chocolate mousse cake by yourself, then proceed to bake cornbread and a lemon meringue pie. Someone take the spatula!!! I think your healthy attitude is your #1 asset, the rest will fall into place over time!

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