This soup changed my life…

I didn't eat soup for breakfast, but it's coming stay with me here folks...My day started with a long walk with the dogs and some egg whites plus an english muffin. Nice so far right? It gets better... Watermelon, because I love it when I got to work mid-morning. This was my planned lunch - a wrap with turkey and stuff. But there was a change of plans and I had to do a business … [Read more...]

Wednesday Recap

So, this is a picture of a blurry, but delicious salad. I have come to the conclusion that wheat berries are best eaten on salads - I love the chew they add! Dinner began with this salad... I ate a LC meal - butternut squash ravioli for the main course. I love this frozen meal, it's really delicious too! Here's the box in case you were wondering... Here's another box, this box … [Read more...]