Weigh in 9/9 – Bad News

I gained 3 pounds over the last week! I blame the cruise. I knew it - way too much good food and alcohol! Son of a bitch! (Sorry this blog is going to get profane really fast if I am gaining weight instead of losing.)Anyways, I don't think I ate 3,500 extra calories everyday of the cruise. (3,500 calories equals 1 pound in case you didn't know.) But, I did indulge and I did … [Read more...]

Monday Recap

So I was supposed to weigh in for Chandra's Challenge Monday morning but I was kinda on a ship with no access to a scale so I will weigh in Tuesday morning. We ordered breakfast and I had cereals and skim milk and a little yogurt. The BF ate the other stuff. Lunch was a LC meal with a salad. I went to TJ's on my lunch and got some salad stuff because I had no veggies or fruit.I … [Read more...]