Wanna see something gross?

Disclaimer : Look don't look at this post if you have a weak stomach - it's gross!Let me back up a bit and remind everyone that the BF and I hiked Half Dome in Yosemite a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, apparently hiking downhill from a very steep mountain means that your toes will be repeatedly slammed into the front of your shoes. The day after Half Dome the BF's toes looked a … [Read more...]

Tuesday Recap

So I am trying to eat healthy and bounce back from my weekend weight gain this weekend. Hopefully it's mostly water weight! I started Tuesday with a run, not sure the distance but it took about an hour. I was craving a smoothie for breakfast so I made one with almond milk, naner, ice and half a scoop of protein powder. I had an english muffin on the side with PB&J - I ate … [Read more...]