My dog is gross

I know this is not a dog, this is my cat. I don't want to reward my dog Bailey, with a pic on the blog considering he just freaked out when I took him to get his rabies shot and squirted his anal gland at the vet's office. I didn't even know dogs could do that until I saw the Vet Tech guy cleaning up the floor that didn't look wet, but just smelled worse than a week old dead … [Read more...]

Wednesday Recap

Hola everyone! Hope all is well. I am so busy with work and life right now. I am sorry I haven't devoted any good time to the blog! It's just been a bunch of recaps lately. Boo to Monica :( I am trying to get organized and ahead of the game so I will have more time to add useful and/or interesting stuff to runeatrepeat!Wednesday started with a 6 mile run, felt good :) I made … [Read more...]