Happy Tuesday!

So how is every one's week going? So far so good over here. I have a lot to accomplish this week and the BF is actually going out of town on Thursday so I will have to weekend to get a lot done. I don't think I am a girly-girl, but I am pretty excited to get my hair done this weekend. It's been along time since I've gotten a cut or anything and by the end of the summer after … [Read more...]

Rest of the day…

Monday calls for chocolate, so I ate some. My afternoon snackage was Kashi Trail Mix - my mom swears by this stuff. It is Kashi Go Lean, almonds, raisins and of course chocolate chips!!! This stuff is the best. I used to eat this stuff all the time, I would make a huge gallon zip-lock bag full of it but it's been a little while since I've made it. Anyways, I ate it at my GRE … [Read more...]