Question : Oatmeal vs. Eggs

Word up, it’s Tuesday. I hope this week goes by quickly. I just feel so busy right now I need the weekend so I can study for the GRE and get my life in order. I think I have an anxiety disorder because I get so stressed out and overwhelmed it’s not pleasant. Boo. I did a short run this morning and grabbed some grapes while walking out the door.

Guess what I had for breakfast? That’s right folks, oatmeal. This was a very good bowl with soymilk, naners, cinnamon and brown sugar. I added PB after the pic. I put the bowl together at home and let it marinate all the way to work – the result was a very creamy and sweet bowl. It barely needed any sugar. My oatmeal experiment is going well, I do feel like my blood sugar is a lot more stable throughout the morning, BUT – I have been craving eggs and stuff. I want a savory breakfast. I also think I need to incorporate protein into my breakfast. Especially after reading about how Kate says she overcame emotional eating. She gives a lot of credit to protein at each meal/snack – that is something I need to do for breakfast. I too have a history of emotional/binge eating and I do think my breakfasts in the past are notorious for lacking protein (I am known for overdosing on cereal till I feel sick, with no protein insight).I don’t know,
What is a “better” breakfast oatmeal or egg white sammie. What do you guys think?
We had a bunch of goodies in the office today because we had a visitor. I love bagels so I grabbed a half of one and cut it in half with some veggie cream cheese and some fruit.


  1. chandra says

    Try adding egg whites to your oatmeal pre-cook!! I usually make my oats with 1/4c egg whites and 3/4 or so cup of water for extra protein, and I sometimes add some yogurt on top for protein too!

  2. Sarah says

    i agree with Chandra—add egg whites or yogurt to your oatmeal. or my personal favorite–cottage cheese! it makes it sooo much more filling.

  3. flower says

    Id say oatmeal everytime! You could also add some nuts like walnuts or flaked almonds they give it a nice crunch and cold yoghurt is lovely on hot oatmeal

  4. Runeatrepeat says

    Thanks ladies! I think I am going to try to egg whites this morning.

    Meghann – I love egg sammies lately! I’ve been having them for lunch so I can get oats and an egg sandwich in on day!

    Flower – I bought some walnuts recently to add to my oats because they are a “super food”. I just have to start using them.

  5. Runeatrepeat says

    Arielle – I know you have that same deal as me with eating too much cereal. I knew you would vote eggs :)I still haven’t tried that eggs in a basket or toad in a hole or whatever they call it.

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