Tuesday Recap

So here is a quick recap of Tuesday so I can get to the good stuff. Lunch was a turkey sandwich with carrots, snap peas and couple of chips on the side – with hummus too! Afternoon snack was Kashi Trail Mix. Chocolate chips just make everything better, don’t they?
and some watermelon because it was there…

I got to my mom’s about 8pm and was super hungry. Luckily my mom had made spaghetti. I love her spaghetti :)
I had a piece of toast with garlic and butter. I also love garlic and bread and let’s face it sometimes butter -ha.
I tried to make my Vita Muffin mix in an individual serving like the No Pudge brownies, but that did not work…I ate it anyways.
So I made the mix for real. They are just okay. I don’t know why the frozen ones are soooo much better than the ones I made fresh at home. That doesn’t make sense. I ate 2 of them because they smelled so good, but didn’t taste as good as they smelled. Boo. At least my little bro likes them. I can pawn them off :)


  1. Elizabeth says

    Hi! I was hoping you could answer a question of mine. In comparison to another food object, how big would you say the vitatops are? I’ve been wanting to order them, but typically when things are portioned out like that, the serving size is tiny and not substantial enough for a real snack. Before I pay a lot of money to order them, I was wondering if you could give me a size idea.

    Also, are they tasty??

  2. Runeatrepeat says

    Hi Elizabeth, Great question, I’ve bought a lot of Vita Tops and Vita Muffins in the past.
    The chocolate Vita Tops taste amazing. You put them in the micro straight from the freezer for 30 seconds and they come out super gooey and delicious. I think they are a good size for being 100 calories. They are a lot more satisfying than any “100 Calorie pack” I have tried. You really feel like you are eating a dessert with them. I feel like the Vita Muffins are good as well, but not as good and they seem smaller. They are very expensive per Vita Top and shipping is a lot so I try to only buy then once in a while now. I don’t know where you are located, but you can sometimes find them at Vons in fancier areas.

    If you are going to buy them I would recommend the Vita Tops Deep Chocolate Flavor (but I am a chocolate lover). The PB Chocolate ones taste like artificial PB and the Fig ones are very dry. Sometimes Hungry Girl has a special where you can get free shipping. I will post it up the next time I hear about it.
    Hope this helps,

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