Oats with eggs

So I tried the suggestion to put eggs in my oatmeal. I added 1 egg white and it really seemed to bulk up the bowl. It was almost overflowing!
I made it with:
1/2c each – oats, soymilk, water
1 egg white
cinnamon and dash salt
brown sugar on top
This bowl was really good, but not as good as yesterday. I think the trick from yesterday’s was that the soymilk and naner marinated with the oats for about an hour before cooking. They were so sweet and creamy!
Verdict – this bowl kept me full till lunch! Exactly what I wanted. I know some days your hunger fluctuates, but I think this is a great and long lasting breakfast in general.
I had a Lean Cuisine meal for lunch – Lemon Chicken. Here it is right out of the micro…
and here it is plated with salad. Doesn’t look so much better like this? I don’t always feel like dirtying up a dish, but I do think this helps you feel like you’ve really eaten a substantial meal when you put it on a plate all fancy like.

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