Wednesday Recap & Pumpkin Ice Cream

I had some triscuits and a cheese stick in the afternoon when I was getting hungry. It’s really weird that my tastes are changing and I have been craving salty snacks over sweet sometimes. Dinner was salad, ww couscous and fish I made on the Foreman. I almost forgot that I had a Foreman because it’s been so long since I’ve used it. I love that thing – it makes THE BEST grilled cheese sandwiches! I want one right now.
When I was waiting for my car to get an oil change I walked around the store and found this…
Pumpkin Ice Cream! I scanned the nutrition info and it was actually not bad for ice cream – 120 cals for a 1/2 cup serving. The website has all the nutrition info here, but it says it is 100 cals for a serving I am not sure which is correct. Either way it is delicious. I love all things pumpkin and I love all things ice cream, so this is heaven for me :) It has a great pumpkin flavor and does not taste artificial. This would probably work as a great base for a pumpkin smoothie! That recipe is coming soon here… If you have a Golden Spoon near you they have Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt in the Fall too!
So, of course I had to have some of each of my ice cream finds for dessert :)


  1. lighterportions says

    I’ve been craving things other than sweet foods a lot lately too. Weird how appetite can completely switch like that!

    That PUMPKIN ice cream sounds amazing. I wish I could find something like that. I would sweep it up right away.

  2. Jenn's Serving Ice Cream says

    Yum! I love Pumpkin Ice Cream. I just had it for the first time a couple of weeks ago! Yum! I love fall flavors!

  3. Runeatrepeat says

    Just a heads up – I found the Pumpkin Ice Cream at SuperWalmart. I will let you know where else they have it when I see it. I try to enjoy it while I can since it’s a limited time flavor :)

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