I am going to NYC on Tuesday and will be there until Sunday. The BF is in a wedding for one of his best friends and we thought we would make it a mini-vacay.
1. My question is – Do you have suggestions for healthy eats in the city? I have not been there since I was 12 so I have no clue where to eat/what to eat…

2. Also, where is a good place to run?

I don’t know exactly where we are staying so suggestions for anywhere in the area are fine.


  1. Simple and Divine says

    GO TO CANDLE CAFE!!!!!!!!! Erica's eats always look SENAAATIONAL from there! Go go go! 40 Carrots is also supposed to be amazing, though I have never been before! DEFINITELY go to Tasti DLite as it is the B.E.S.T. E.V.E.R. fro-yo ish icecream business and their flavors are super yummy!

    Umm… OH! Hello?! Pure Food & Wine! DEF go there. ZEN PALATE healthy asian amazing. Umm… WF in Union Square has 2 restaurants: A sushi bar (more formal) and an Italian (more Casual)…

    SO many AMAZING possibilities! Enjoyyyy!

  2. Olga says

    I’m from NY so I have a few suggestions!

    If you like vegetarian/healthy/cheap, Curly’s in Union Square is a fab place to check out:

    Cafe SPICE is GREAT for cheap Thai food. The atmosphere and decor is awesome:

    Also, Angelica Kitchen is pretty popular…always fresh, organic and innovative.

    I am so jealous you get to go! I go back home in two weeks for a weekend, can’t wait. Have a great trip!

  3. Betsy says

    to run-central park really is great. the entire loop is just over 6 miles. also, the west side highway up and down is fantastic-great along the river. run in those places though,not the streets. too many frickin’ stop lights in ny!

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