Monday Recap

One of my peeps came by my desk before lunch and was eating my chips and since they were there I had a handful too! Opps. I don’t even like those things (the fake Sun Chips from TJ’s) so I left them on her desk to have. Lunch was a LC butternut squash ravioli meal. So good! I have to write my name on it because people will eat your food. Lame.

Calories (with chips) – 400 cals My afternoon snackage was A LOT of watermelon,
and a kashi bar. Calories – about 250
Dinner was ww couscous, a veggie burger and salad with peanut dressing. Hmmm. Calorie estimate – 350
Dessert :) pumpkin ice cream on top and cookies and dreamz on the bottom. Calories – 200
Calorie Estimate for the day – 1600ish
I am happy with that!

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