Tuesday 9/30

I wanted cereal today, but the banana I had would only work in oatmeal since it was way too ripe. It ended up making the oats super sweet and creamy though :) I don’t know may be it’s the warm California weather, but I want cereal for breakfast more often than anything else.

Run : 1 hour, a few farteks thrown in
Eat: 1/2c oats, 1/2 light soymilk, naner, dash salt, cinnamon, brown sugar – no PB today, I just wasn’t feeling it. Isn’t that weird?

Calories : 350 (because I also had a small handful of cereal with it)

In other news – I am going to NYC tonight! I am not very excited yet because I have soooo much to do before I leave. I am working right now, I have to get my nails done, go to the bank and pack. The flight doesn’t leave until 10 so I have some time. I am going to need a drink to unwind because we are taking a red eye and I need to sleep on the flight. I will be blogging from NYC though, so you’ll see the “Adventures on Runeatrepeat” while I’m goine. I love traveling!

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