Rest of the day…

Monday calls for chocolate, so I ate some. My afternoon snackage was Kashi Trail Mix - my mom swears by this stuff. It is Kashi Go Lean, almonds, raisins and of course chocolate chips!!! This stuff is the best. I used to eat this stuff all the time, I would make a huge gallon zip-lock bag full of it but it's been a little while since I've made it. Anyways, I ate it at my GRE … [Read more...]

Back in action

Hi! I hope everyone had a good and restful weekend, because I didn't. I took an "Express" GRE class because I am planning on applying to grad school soon. So it was Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6:30pm and on top of that it was about 60 miles away so I had to add major driving time to that. After this weekend I need another weekend. I do have to give a public "Thank You" to the BF … [Read more...]

My dog is gross

I know this is not a dog, this is my cat. I don't want to reward my dog Bailey, with a pic on the blog considering he just freaked out when I took him to get his rabies shot and squirted his anal gland at the vet's office. I didn't even know dogs could do that until I saw the Vet Tech guy cleaning up the floor that didn't look wet, but just smelled worse than a week old dead … [Read more...]

Wednesday Recap

Hola everyone! Hope all is well. I am so busy with work and life right now. I am sorry I haven't devoted any good time to the blog! It's just been a bunch of recaps lately. Boo to Monica :( I am trying to get organized and ahead of the game so I will have more time to add useful and/or interesting stuff to runeatrepeat!Wednesday started with a 6 mile run, felt good :) I made … [Read more...]

Wanna see something gross?

Disclaimer : Look don't look at this post if you have a weak stomach - it's gross!Let me back up a bit and remind everyone that the BF and I hiked Half Dome in Yosemite a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, apparently hiking downhill from a very steep mountain means that your toes will be repeatedly slammed into the front of your shoes. The day after Half Dome the BF's toes looked a … [Read more...]

Tuesday Recap

So I am trying to eat healthy and bounce back from my weekend weight gain this weekend. Hopefully it's mostly water weight! I started Tuesday with a run, not sure the distance but it took about an hour. I was craving a smoothie for breakfast so I made one with almond milk, naner, ice and half a scoop of protein powder. I had an english muffin on the side with PB&J - I ate … [Read more...]

Weigh in 9/9 – Bad News

I gained 3 pounds over the last week! I blame the cruise. I knew it - way too much good food and alcohol! Son of a bitch! (Sorry this blog is going to get profane really fast if I am gaining weight instead of losing.)Anyways, I don't think I ate 3,500 extra calories everyday of the cruise. (3,500 calories equals 1 pound in case you didn't know.) But, I did indulge and I did … [Read more...]

Monday Recap

So I was supposed to weigh in for Chandra's Challenge Monday morning but I was kinda on a ship with no access to a scale so I will weigh in Tuesday morning. We ordered breakfast and I had cereals and skim milk and a little yogurt. The BF ate the other stuff. Lunch was a LC meal with a salad. I went to TJ's on my lunch and got some salad stuff because I had no veggies or fruit.I … [Read more...]


I'm back from my 3 day cruise to Ensenada! It was super fun and I do want to recap all my eating since I want to see the damage I did over the weekend. I am still trying to lose about 15 pounds and this weekend did not help at all. There was a 24 hour buffet, fancy sit down dinner and of course - drinks! I am not normally a drinker. But I did manage to get super drunk on … [Read more...]

This soup changed my life…

I didn't eat soup for breakfast, but it's coming stay with me here folks...My day started with a long walk with the dogs and some egg whites plus an english muffin. Nice so far right? It gets better... Watermelon, because I love it when I got to work mid-morning. This was my planned lunch - a wrap with turkey and stuff. But there was a change of plans and I had to do a business … [Read more...]

Wednesday Recap

So, this is a picture of a blurry, but delicious salad. I have come to the conclusion that wheat berries are best eaten on salads - I love the chew they add! Dinner began with this salad... I ate a LC meal - butternut squash ravioli for the main course. I love this frozen meal, it's really delicious too! Here's the box in case you were wondering... Here's another box, this box … [Read more...]

What the heck is that?

That, my friends, is supposed to be a pancake. I don't know what happened but apparently something went wrong. I used:about 1/3c oats1/3 c cottage cheese2 egg whitesbaking powderdash of saltdash of waterI think there were too many wet ingredients and it was hard to flip, so I had to cut it into 2 pieces and flip each one individually. The important this is that it tasted good. … [Read more...]

Weigh in 9/1

I guess I am crazy enough to just put it all out there: I weigh 160 pounds. Yes readers, it has gotten that bad. This is the most I have weighed since that year of high school when I was super depressed and let myself get to 170, outside of that I've been around 150 pretty steadily through college. A combination of stress/emotional eating and bad habits of night time snacking … [Read more...]

Sunday, Funday

So since what was supposed to be my long run on Saturday totally sucked I ran a few miles on Sunday to make myself feel like all hope was not lost. Much better.We had a pretty crazy day planned and after my run we went for a short bike ride. We made a detour to the store so I could get some frozen waffles since I am obsessed with these PB&J&B on waffles sammies right … [Read more...]