Happy Halloween!

I love holidays! I think every holiday is so fun in it's own way. So, I am obviously excited about Halloween. I made this "Pumpkin" Cake for my mom to take to her class (she's a teacher). I didn't have any other excuse to make it, but once I saw instructions for how to make a pumpkin cake I had to make it for something! It didn't come out like I wanted, but at least I tried … [Read more...]

Surf City Here I Run!

So I have just signed up for the Surf City Marathon on February 1st 2009. That sounds far away, but it is only about 14 weeks away - just 14 long runs until 26.2 miles! What was I thinking?! Well, I was thinking that it is time to bite the bullet and just go for it. I have been wanting to run a full marathon for a long time now. I have been thinking about it and struggling … [Read more...]

Halloween Candy

It's everywhere...Halloween Candy can be the scariest part of Halloween if you are trying to watch your weight. The nice people over at SparkPeople have a slide show of treats that are 100 calories or less. Here it is : SparkPeople Candy Slides. This is a handy tool so you can have your candy and eat it too! 1 or 2 pieces of candy won't kill you especially if you work them off … [Read more...]

It's time for something new!

I have to try something new. I have gained 10 pounds in the last year and cannot seem to lose any weight (not that I am making a real effort). So I am breaking down this problem and finding a solution like a reasonable person instead of beating myself up internally until I feel like shit (like I normally would do).Reasons for weight gain:1. The BF and I started spending more … [Read more...]

I fell…

Yeah, I fell this weekend...I was doing my long run on Saturday morning, about 7 miles into a 12 mile run at my turn around point...I was running a point and back course that I often do and was about to turn around on a round wooden board walk that circles a life guard station. My mind was off in la la running land, not really paying attention to stuff around me and I was … [Read more...]

Sounded like a great idea…

...at the time.Long story short: My BFF and I went out dancing/drinking on Saturday night. On the way home we decided to stop at Denny's because we were hungry. There was a 15 minute wait and we were like, "Forget that, we're hungry now". So we drove through Jack in the Box. Here is my BFF showing you her hash browns and sausage biscuit - both of which I had a bite of - the … [Read more...]

Lean Cuisines Galore!!!

Natalie Dee does it again, this time with Lean Cuisines! This is not even all of the Lean Cuisines I have in my work's freezer. They were on sale for 2 bucks each and I have a $2.00 off coupon if you buy 10 so I did. That is a freekin' deal! Less than 2 bucks each! And I had more than one coupon, so I did it twice. Luckily we have a HUGE freezer at home and it's full of LCs. … [Read more...]

This is ridiculous

Blogger erased my entire VERY LONG post and it will not let me upload my pics. I quit. I am posting what I have and that's it. I am sorry, but my very long post was a lengthy rant on how I purchased a chicken for me and the fam to eat for dinner, but after I came back from a walk around dinner time the only part of the chicken left was a greasy drumstick. I do not eat dark … [Read more...]

Monday Recap

Hey ladies I am sorry that I've been MIA for a bit. It is crazy over here right now. I ate this blurry cereal for breakfast after a 5.5m run. It is half Kashi U and half Kashi Go lean Crunch. I love Kashi. Around 11am I had this apple pear. It is good, but I kind of like other fruit choices better, like my beloved watermelon and cherries. But, those are gone for a while now. … [Read more...]

Weekend Highlights

Hey everyone I don't have time to do an entire weekend recap so I thought I would post some "highlights" since I took the time to take pics. Some peeps at my work got my boss an Edible Arrangement for Boss' Day. I love these things and want to send one to myself so I can eat it all. I ate some of this one though. I finally tried the Clif Z bar Spooky Smores flavor. I liked it … [Read more...]


I was recently asked to be a featured blogger on Capessa. Here is a link to my first post. Check it out and let me know what you think :) … [Read more...]

Vita Muffin Coupon!!!

Right now Vitalicious is offering free shipping for orders of $29.00 or more. Just fill in the code: HGFALLFLIP when you are checking out.THIS OFFER IS ONLY GOOD UNTIL MIDNIGHT OCTOBER 15th!The original deal is from HG and you can check it out here: Hungry Girl . But, I don't really like the Apple Berry or Corn VitaTops so I just picked what I wanted and got free shipping.NOTE: … [Read more...]

Monday Recap

Run: The day after a long run I take it easy and normally just take a walk or something. I want to get into more cross training too - that's coming soon.Eat: After a quick walk I had oat bran with naner, brown sugar, almond milk and almond butter. When I got to work I felt "munchy" so I ate a baggie of PB Puffins. I wasn't to hungry and should have just had a couple, but I ate … [Read more...]