New York – Thursday – Google!

Run - So I got up early to workout in the hotel gym on Thursday. I did about 30 min on the treadmill and then I was too bored to go on. I used to run on a treadmill 5 days a week, but since I've been running outside I can't do the "mill anymore. Boo.I made oatmeal with the coffee maker in the room because I am scrappy like that...Are you impressed? and some grapes for fruit … [Read more...]

New York Recap – Wednesday

So after breakfast we took a nap - that red eye was rough and I felt super sleepy, but after a long nap I felt so much better :) I snacked on some grapes while checking emails before we left. By then I was super hungry so we stopped at a taco truck for food. I kind of wanted to see if they would have the same kind of stuff that they have in CA. The area that I am from is mainly … [Read more...]