Just when I thought…

I was back in business my breakfast pic came out sideways. What the heck? Oh well. It was Fiber One Honey Clusters with naner and soymilk. I know this is going to sound really gross, but my soymilk smells like fish or something. Isn't that disgusting? It's not bad, it just smells funny and only out of the carton. It didn't smell in my bowl. May be it's actually the carton that … [Read more...]

New York Wedding

So, the whole reason we went to New York is the BF was in a wedding. Here is a pic of the beautiful wedding party...Now I was way too busy eating during the cocktail hour to take pictures. I had drink in one hand and food in the other at all times - I have to say sorry to my readers, but my taste buds were not sorry at all. Seriously, it's a shame that I didn't take pictures … [Read more...]