Monday Recap

Hey ladies I am sorry that I've been MIA for a bit. It is crazy over here right now. I ate this blurry cereal for breakfast after a 5.5m run. It is half Kashi U and half Kashi Go lean Crunch. I love Kashi. Around 11am I had this apple pear. It is good, but I kind of like other fruit choices better, like my beloved watermelon and cherries. But, those are gone for a while now. … [Read more...]

Weekend Highlights

Hey everyone I don't have time to do an entire weekend recap so I thought I would post some "highlights" since I took the time to take pics. Some peeps at my work got my boss an Edible Arrangement for Boss' Day. I love these things and want to send one to myself so I can eat it all. I ate some of this one though. I finally tried the Clif Z bar Spooky Smores flavor. I liked it … [Read more...]