Halloween Candy

It’s everywhere…Halloween Candy can be the scariest part of Halloween if you are trying to watch your weight. The nice people over at SparkPeople have a slide show of treats that are 100 calories or less. Here it is : SparkPeople Candy Slides.
This is a handy tool so you can have your candy and eat it too! 1 or 2 pieces of candy won’t kill you especially if you work them off by walking with your little one around the neighborhood Trick-or-treating (or little brother like I am doing) or go out dancing at a Halloween Party (which is cooler than what I’m doing, but not as special). I only eat the candy I really like so I feel satisfied. Also, I am totally willing to throw away any piece of candy if I bite into it and it’s not what I expected. My ass getting fatter is not going to help starving children anywhere.

They also have this quiz to see how much you know about candy and how it compares to others. I failed miserably. How embarrassing is that!


  1. Olga says

    O0o what a lovely article. One Almond Joy is 100 cals?! OOfff.

    “My ass getting fatter is not going to help starving children anywhere.”


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