Happy Halloween!

I love holidays! I think every holiday is so fun in it’s own way. So, I am obviously excited about Halloween. I made this “Pumpkin” Cake for my mom to take to her class (she’s a teacher). I didn’t have any other excuse to make it, but once I saw instructions for how to make a pumpkin cake I had to make it for something! It didn’t come out like I wanted, but at least I tried right? Looks kinda a mess… “A” for effort Monica :)

And here is my little brother, Matt, in his costume: Can you guess who he is?

Ha! I talked him into being Michael Phelps. I think it will be so cool since most little kids are Power Rangers and Disney Characters. “A” for effort once again!

My plans for tonight include taking Matt Trick-or-Treating, giving out candy, finding a costume, and not eating too much candy or junk! Wish me luck. I’ll be back later Happy Halloween!


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