Half Marathon Recap!!!

I ran the Long Beach Half Marathon yesterday. I didn't really train for it due to recent trips: Half Dome, Ensenada Cruise, New York... This is really out of character for me since I normally pick a training plan and stick to it. So, I was really worried that I was going to run a really bad race and be frustrated with myself. Luckily that didn't happen and I set a new PR of … [Read more...]

Just when I thought…

I was back in business my breakfast pic came out sideways. What the heck? Oh well. It was Fiber One Honey Clusters with naner and soymilk. I know this is going to sound really gross, but my soymilk smells like fish or something. Isn't that disgusting? It's not bad, it just smells funny and only out of the carton. It didn't smell in my bowl. May be it's actually the carton that … [Read more...]

New York Wedding

So, the whole reason we went to New York is the BF was in a wedding. Here is a pic of the beautiful wedding party...Now I was way too busy eating during the cocktail hour to take pictures. I had drink in one hand and food in the other at all times - I have to say sorry to my readers, but my taste buds were not sorry at all. Seriously, it's a shame that I didn't take pictures … [Read more...]

Candle 79 Review

I actually heard about Candle 79 years ago. It has been raved about on the Runner's World message boards and other vegetarian blogs and boards too, but it's so far away from California that I knew it would be a long time before I would be able to visit. When Simple & Divine mentioned it I knew I had to make a stop there! Here is a link to the menu.The restaurant is dimly … [Read more...]

New York – Thursday – Google!

Run - So I got up early to workout in the hotel gym on Thursday. I did about 30 min on the treadmill and then I was too bored to go on. I used to run on a treadmill 5 days a week, but since I've been running outside I can't do the "mill anymore. Boo.I made oatmeal with the coffee maker in the room because I am scrappy like that...Are you impressed? and some grapes for fruit … [Read more...]

New York Recap – Wednesday

So after breakfast we took a nap - that red eye was rough and I felt super sleepy, but after a long nap I felt so much better :) I snacked on some grapes while checking emails before we left. By then I was super hungry so we stopped at a taco truck for food. I kind of wanted to see if they would have the same kind of stuff that they have in CA. The area that I am from is mainly … [Read more...]

New York Breakfast

We took the a red eye flight to NYC and I am feeling great after a nap. When we first got here I was in a weird groggy state - I hate that! Now I'm napped and ready to check out the city! We had breakfast at our hotel while waiting for the room to be ready. I really just wanted the cereal I had brought so I ordered the fruit plate and a glass of milk. Then, I put my cereal … [Read more...]