Halloween Dress Up

Yes, I am one of those people who dresses up their dogs. This year they were a nurse and a doctor. Actually I didn’t put any effort into this at all. These are little kid costumes I happened to come across at the 99 Cent Store. They don’t actually fit them well because the costumes are for little kids, not big dogs. I squeezed them in the outfits and took them trick-or-treating with us. They were a big hit! No one cared that the costumes were too small and ridiculous looking….I was a devil and the BF was an angel. I will spare him the embarrassment of having a picture of himself dressed up with feathery wings put on the blog, so here is a pic of me solo. It would have been much better in context with the angel beside me, because I just look kinda desperate – and apparently the devil thinks make-up is going out of style with the way I piled it on. Whatever, it was fun :)

Unfortunately, I could not stop eating candy all day and had a horrible run this morning. More on that later…


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