Eat 11/7/2008

I was craving veggies for lunch and started with a big salad. I also had a ton of my hummus (warmed up) on toast. I love hummus warmed up now. I discovered it when I was making hummus and the beans were still warm.I grabbed some grapes early afternoon because they looked so good. I ate 2 times shown here, I cannot stop eating grapes they are one of my faves.I had some milk to … [Read more...]

Happy Friday!

Today is a rest day so I did a 20 minute yoga video that I just got :) and took a long walk. Happy Friday to me. After coming to terms with the fact that oatmeal is the best breakfast for my body I had oatmeal today. I actually really enjoy oatmeal and I love the way it makes me feel after eating it, but I hate to think that I should give up on cereal. The thing is, I just … [Read more...]