Run 11/8/2008

The training plan called for 14 miles today. That's the farthest I have run in a year. I woke up early to beat the heat. It is still pretty hot here in the middle of the day, I think yesterday it was 80 or something. I wasn't hungry when I woke up from all the junk I had last night before I went to sleep :( but I wanted to eat something since I would be out so long. I had a … [Read more...]

Eat Part I 11/8/2008

I felt super thirsty and not very hungry after my run. This is normal, for some reason after a run I just want to drink (but not alcohol). But I felt super run down (no pun intended) and I was hungry at the beginning of my run so I knew I should eat something. I went to TJ's to grab some fruit and this ended up with this as well. I ate half of if in the car and half later.I … [Read more...]