Run 11/8/2008

The training plan called for 14 miles today. That’s the farthest I have run in a year. I woke up early to beat the heat. It is still pretty hot here in the middle of the day, I think yesterday it was 80 or something. I wasn’t hungry when I woke up from all the junk I had last night before I went to sleep :( but I wanted to eat something since I would be out so long. I had a couple of handfuls of cereal and then took off. foodies-494

The run was good, I mean at least I didn’t fall this time. I brought my water belt with a water bottle in it. Now that I am running farther I need to take my cell phone with me just in case and that means lugging along the water belt. It bothers me because I feel it bouncing around the whole time. I may need to look into another one if I don’t get used to it. The bad thing is that runner’s accessories are sooo expensive!

Side note: I am watching The Food Network’s Throw down with Bobby Flay – Macaroni and Cheese! My mouth is watering. I may have to look up a homemade mac n cheese recipe for tomorrow :)


  1. runeatrepeat says

    Yeah, I would love to make it, but I think I would eat the whole thing. I should make it for a holiday dinner or something so I am not home alone with it.

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