El Cholo

The BF and I went to El Cholofor dinner. We actually first discovered this place at LAX (the L.A. airport). They have a small satellite restaurant that has an abbreviated menu. The signs all over El Cholo at the airport said they were votes to have best margaritas in L.A. so we tried before a flight last year. After that we went to one of their restaurants and really enjoyed the food. They have the best Green Corn Tamales! They are sweet corn masa tamales with green chile and cheese. Seriously they are amazing. The masa on these things is so good. This is the reason I go to El Cholo. Unfortunately, they are only available from May through October so I had to gets something else.

Like I mentioned earlier, a margarita was in order. I ordered a pomegranate one so I could justify the drink had anti-oxidants. Ha. I am making an evil face with my margi…foodies-503We started with the usual chips and salsa and also ordered fresh guac :)foodies-502My meal came with beans and rice. Why are restuarant beans so good? Oh yeah, it’s because of all the oil and cheese they use. foodies-507So since I couldn’t get my favorite Green Corn Tamales,as they are out of season, I ordered the seasonal special: Holiday Tamales –  turkey tamales topped with mole sauce, with raisins and apples. Doesn’t that sound holiday-y?! I loved the sound of it. foodies-504

Here is an up close pic of the tamale. You can see the turkey stuffed inside and the sweet apples and raisins on top. The masa on the tamales was sweet and just like the masa on the green corn tamales so I was happy.foodies-506The one complaint I would have with El Cholo is that they only have 2 dessert options : flan or fried ice cream. Neither one of them is something I really like. Boo. We wanted dessert so I let the BF pick. He chose the flan and we shared. It was okay. Flan is just not my thing. Like I always say, dessert has to involve chocolate for me to consider it dessert. foodies-508

I ate way too much. I left one of the tamales to take home and a little rice and beans, but I had already ate so many chips with guac that I was overly full and felt like crap. I need to listen to my body and stop before I am too full. This is something I am working on.


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