Quaker True Delights Review

With some of the best bloggers ever talking about Quaker Oats and what’s new with the company. I was super excited when I saw one of their new products in my local market. I got one of each because the BF loves coconut (so that flavor is for him) and Matt (little bro) eats my granola bars too. So, I knew others would be raiding my stash and I could try them all this way :) foodies-515I wanted to try the one with dark chocolate first, big surprise I’m sure…foodies-516

Here is the bar next to my cell phone so you can see the size of it. I think it is pretty small. I am a visual and volume eater so I was slightly disappointed by the size. I was not disapointed with the taste though! These bars are good! I really enjoyed the chewy cherries pieces, crunchy almonds and of course the big chunks of chocolate. foodies-519

Here are the ingredients: This looks like a lot of stuff compared to a Lara bar, but they are all ingredients I recognize at least.foodies-531Here are the nutrition stats: All the flavors have very similiar counts, so this gives you an idea of all of the flavors in terms of calories and stuff. I do like that they are only 140 calories and have 3 grams of fiber. foodies-528

The big chunks of chocolate really make this bar special. I liked it and am excited to try the other flavors.


  1. says

    Hi, first time commenting, found you through Kath Eats. Where were you able to find those True Delight Bars…??? I totally want to try one; the coconut macadamia bars are making my mouth water! :)
    I’m really interested in following your challenge to run a marathon!

  2. runeatrepeat says

    I got them at the Super Walmart by my house. They have all 3 flavors in stock.

    Santa B – I am in So Cal so they might have them near you.

  3. runeatrepeat says

    Seriously, Super Walmart has everything. Too bad I have conflicting views about their treatment and organization of their workers.

  4. Julie says

    I tried the banana coconut macadamia nut ones. While they tasted very good with yummy banana and coconut flavors, my bar was very scarce on macadamia nuts. Only 2 pieces, both on one end of the bar, the first bite. The one shown in the photo looks like only one almond in the bar. Maybe the next bar I eat will have more, but that was my only complaint.

  5. says

    Thank you Quaker for the free Sample of a True Delight Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond Granola Bar. I ate it this morning with my Coffee and it was a delightful Breakfeast.

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