Glad I wasn't training for L.A.

The Los Angeles Marathon was changed from early March to Memorial Day weekend in May. It has been around the same time every year for the last 23 years and many people train accordingly. It is hard to be ready for a great marathon in March and keep that peak of fitness until May. It sounds like it's really caused a stir: L.A. Marathon Changed Date … [Read more...]

Run 11/11/2008

I did about a 50 minute run today with a little bit of fartlek (speed play) thrown in the middle. I usually warm up for about a mile and then so a couple of speed sections and then run a little longer until my time is up. I am looking into getting a GPS watch so I can start running a new route. I don't have a good route mapped out where I am living now and I hate it. I … [Read more...]

Eat part II 11/10/2008

My afternoon snack was a True Delights Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Nut granol-y bar. It was good :) I was expecting a fake/too sweet taste and that is not the case at all. I came home to find my free sample of Bear Naked granola I signed up for a while back. I love free stuff. I love granola. I reeeeeeally love free granola! Dinner was a veggie Italian Sausage on a … [Read more...]