Run 11/12/2008

Today was an "optional" run day. I decided to go ahead and do a couple of miles because 2 rest days a week should be enough. I want to start going to the gym on my optional/rest days, but that takes a lot longer and I don't really have time for that until after next Monday (I'll explain later). Anyways, I went out for about 40 minutes, I figure it was about 4 miles because I am … [Read more...]

Eat 11/11/2008

Tuesday started with oats, the usual...I was super bored while on a conference call (I hope my boss doesn't read this!) and ate some uvasI went to the Farmer's Market on my lunch for more green plums. The ones I got last week were so sweet and delicious! Unfortunately, they just had regular purple ones. So I bought some and ate one while walking around.I also bought some … [Read more...]