Eat 11/11/2008

Tuesday started with oats, the usual…foodies 563 Eat 11/11/2008I was super bored while on a conference call (I hope my boss doesn’t read this!) and ate some uvasfoodies 564 Eat 11/11/2008I went to the Farmer’s Market on my lunch for more green plums. The ones I got last week were so sweet and delicious! Unfortunately, they just had regular purple ones. So I bought some and ate one while walking around.foodies 565 Eat 11/11/2008foodies 569 Eat 11/11/2008I also bought some strawberries…foodies 567 Eat 11/11/2008These flowers were so pretty I didn’t have the funds to buy them, but I thought I could make the blog prettier with a pic of them icon smile Eat 11/11/2008 foodies 570 Eat 11/11/2008Back at work I had a PB&J, it was not filling at all. Even after the plum and grapes I ate earlier I was still hungry.foodies 573 Eat 11/11/2008An extra bag of chips fell from the vending machine yesterday and my friend gave them to me. I ate them with an apple pear that I got from the FM.foodies 576 Eat 11/11/2008Bad news! I ate my last piece of chocolate today! I really shouldn’t buy any more for a while because I just expect to eat one every day, which is fine if I didn’t eat so many other treats. Since I do pretty much eat something sweet everyday I should be able to go without this indulgence. We’ll see if I buy any more.foodies 577 Eat 11/11/2008My afternoon snack was traded with the apple pear from my lunch. I had greek yogurt w/ pumpkin butter and my free bear naked granola! It tastes better when it’s free.foodies 578 Eat 11/11/2008After work I went home and took the dogs for a walk. It was very nice. I started dinner with salad. foodies 579 Eat 11/11/2008 I also had a bean and cheese burrito and a couple of chips not pictured. foodies 580 Eat 11/11/2008Dessert was right after dinner so I would stop eating after this. I had some ice cream and did sneak a couple of bites of trail mix (oops!), but after the ice cream I brushed my teeth and called it a night. A small victory, but a victory none-the-less.foodies 585 Eat 11/11/2008


  1. says

    that’s a victory if i ever saw one! and what’s in the burrito/how did you cook it? it looks so good.. and free food tastes 100x better i’ll give you that!!! YUM!

  2. bobbi says

    Of course you can still join, I ll add you to the list:) Love all the fruit! That really stinks for LA people, seeing that LA is so close to me you would think that I would run it, but I hear from fellow runners that it’s one of the worse marathons around so I have never been interested. Thank goodness!

  3. runeatrepeat says

    Lee, It is a bean and cheese burrito on a whole wheat tortilla. I just took pinto beans and mashed them up so they are kinda like refried, but not, and topped it with cheese. I have a electric stove so the rings of the burner show up on the tortilla! Ha.

    Bobbi, Thanks for adding me :) Yeah, I am in the L.A. area and I did not want LA to be my first race from what I’ve heard either. It is going to be way too hot in May so it is sooo out of the question!

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