Run 11/13/2008

Today was a mid-length run of about 8 miles. It should have been 7, but I added an extra for the Pile/Miles Challenge. Tomorrow is a rest day though, so it evens out. It was an okay run, I felt good even though I ate way too much last night. I am letting go of yesterday. Today is a new day. 80 days until my first marathon! I don't have time to binge eat 1 more time until Feb … [Read more...]

Pile on the Miles

So, in more positive news, I joined Bobbi at In Her Shoes' Pile on the Miles Challenge. From Nov 8th to Nov 30th participants will log how many miles they run and who ever runs the most wins!!! I am so excited because I am doing pretty good with that right now. I do take 2 days off a week, which is my biggest disadvantage. I am hoping the other girls (I think they're all … [Read more...]

F it

Yesterday was a super shitty  bad day and I just feel like saying , F@#% it all!  I just could not stop eating all day, which means I felt like crap all day. I wasn't going to post my daily, but I am trying to hold myself accountable and also be "real" about my journey so I thought I should post it. If nothing else I am honest here. I write about my setbacks and challenges. … [Read more...]

Road Trip

The BF and I are usually road trip fiends! We are always going somewhere. Seriously, in the last year and a half we have been to: Yosemite (3 times) Costa Rica Paso Robles 2 or 3 times San Fransiscoand Napa Cruise to Ensenada Florida 2 times? (that is cheating because his family lives there) New York Palm Springs Solvang Big Sur Vegas (I don't have pics of the time I … [Read more...]