Run 11/15/2008

Pre-run fuel: half this Maple Nut Clif bar. I am trying out different foods to see what works best for me. Today was a long run ... 15miles long! I was dying toward the end because it is so hot today. Luckily I took my water pack and refilled it twice at a park I pass by. (I also went pee one time for anyone who cares.) I did a 5 mile loop (that I regularly run) 3 times. That … [Read more...]

Eat Part I 11/15/2008

The BF met me on my way back from my run and we walked to the store. I stopped at Juice It Up in the shopping complex for a smoothie to share. It was super hot during my run and I just wanted something cold and refreshing. This was so good! I wanted a Jamba Juice and was considering driving over, but this place was right there and made more sense just to walk in. I am glad that … [Read more...]

Eat 11/14/2008

Friday started with oatmeal that I cooked on the stove. Usually I just make it microwave style, but I had the time today. I actually think I make it better in the microwave. I thought I was going to love stovetop, but nope.My brother went to some random Mexican place for a breakfast burrito and thought I should take a pic of his burrito so I could take a bite. I obviously … [Read more...]