Run (No run) 11/16/2008

Since I had a long run yesterday today is a rest day. The BF and I went on a 50 minute walk though so I don't feel tight today. I am shooting for a yoga class later, but that may not happen again. … [Read more...]

Eat II 11/15/2008

I wasn't that hungry when the BF was ready for lunch so I ate an apple and had a bite of his sandwich.Around 3:30p I was super hungry so I ate the leftovers from last night. They don't look very good, but they tasted good.I wanted something sweet and started to eat a few chocolate chips, I knew that's not what I wanted so I ate some dried unsweetened mango. This stuff is better … [Read more...]

Donde Esta?

Where can I find a Spiced Pumpkin Pie Clif Bar? I have looked at sooo many stores around here. Have you guys seen them around? If so, where? I know the clock is ticking on these because they are a seasonal flavor... … [Read more...]