Run 11/17/2008

I started the day with a happy 5.5miles. It felt so good to run because I was super stressed! I couldn't sleep last night either - that rarely happens to me unless I have something exciting/stressful the next day. Other workout: GRE!I took the GRE this morning/afternoon - I was in there from 8:30am till 12:30pm! That is why I was stressed my friends. I just got out and am … [Read more...]


The company that makes Chobani sent me some samples of their yogurt to try (thank you Tiffany)! I know this has been floating around the blog world a bit so I thought I would do a video post to change things up. I tried the plain and strawberry here...don't expect me to be funny, I guess I'm not much of a joker when I am procrastinating studying for the GRE by making videos for … [Read more...]