Eat Part I 11/19/2008

I had a handful of shredded wheat before I went on my run. When I got back I couldn't decide between oats or cold cereal (it's still warm here) and finally decided oats because the naners were so ripe. But, I still ended up eating some cereal while I was cooking, I guess I wanted that more - I should have went with it. I had to drop my car off at the dealer to get serviced … [Read more...]

Run 11/19/2008

This morning I ran with my new running partner - my Garmin Forerunner 305!!! This is what I bought yesterday at Costco (the present to myself for the GRE pain I put myself through). I had just got it yesterday and only took it out of the box for a minute at work so my co-workers could make fun of me for how big my new "watch" is. But, I didn't charge it last night :( So as soon … [Read more...]

Seasonal Clif Bars

I found them! I finally found the seasonal Clif bar flavors - Pear Apple Strudel, Spiced Pumpkin Pie and Ice Gingerbread! I found them last night at the "fancy" Ralphs by my house. (The usual Ralphs that I go to is not as nice and this one is in the city next to us.) So heads up to those of you searching for them - I found them at Ralphs. I had to break open the pumpkin one … [Read more...]

Run 11/18/2008

I ran about 6 miles today and felt so good! I felt like I was going pretty fast, but I don't know if I actually was. There has been fires around southern California lately and I didn't smell any smoke or anything so I thought it was fine to run. Well, I think I was wrong. Mid-morning at work I started to feel kinda sick - like my throat was scratchy and my chest kinda hurt. I … [Read more...]

Eat 11/18/2008

Okay, so yesterday's eating was Bad - with a capital B (obviously).  I couldn't stop nervous snacking all day! I was coming down from the test all day and I still couldn't just relax. I really should have had a drink to relax. I am super high strung, I think I've mentioned before that I always joke about having an anxiety disorder (the BF refers to it as my anxiety … [Read more...]