Run 11/20/2008

7 miles with my new Garmin :) It was fun to run aimlessly without knowing when I would turn back! Now, I just need to figure out what the heck else this contraption does... One of my co-workers had a funny comment when I first bought the Garmin during my lunch Monday and brought it back into the office, " ...That has a GPS? Are you so conceited that you think you can run so … [Read more...]

Eat Part II 11/19/2008

After a very snacky lunch (I took no pics) I was hungry for a snack around 3:30pm. I thought it would be a great idea to make a pumpkin shake so I started with pumpkin as a base and proceeded to add everything in my freakin' freezer to make it taste good. I didn't have my go-to ingredients for a killer pumpkin shake, but it's coming soon! Anyways, I had a HUGE shake because I … [Read more...]

Foreman Update

I forgot to mention the deal I got on my new toy. Costco sent out a booklet of coupons a week or two back and I saw a coupon for $40.00 off the Garmin Forerunner 305. The coupon became effective Nov.17th and is valid for about 2 weeks (sorry I don't have the book with me for the exact date, but I will update when I get it). If you received this coupon book check to see if … [Read more...]