Run 11/21/2008

No run today since I have a long run tomorrow. I did 8 minute abs and then walked 4.26 miles around the neighborhood. It was pretty relaxing. I love walking, it's my meditation :) … [Read more...]


Do any of you watch Grey's Anatomy? I don't get it. I love Denny, I do. But, it just makes me sad when he comes back. I know he can't stay and he's still dead. It's just sad :( I am torn - I like seeing him, but I just remember how tragic it was when he died. Boo. … [Read more...]

Eat 11/20/2008

I wanted something a little different in my oatmeal this morning so I added half a Quaker delights bar. I used the banana coconut one and it was so good!I was hungry around 11 for lunch and tried to hold out as long as I could. I ended up eating half of my PB&J at 11:30 and half around 12:30p along with the rest of my lunch.The rest of my lunch was shredded oats (plus a … [Read more...]

Steak Din-ah!

My friend Adriel used to have neighbors that would walk around their apartment yelling, "Steak Din-ah!!!" I thought that was so funny that I still say it. Ha. Anyways, Why do people love steak dinners so much? Because it's fancy or something? Well, I'm not having steak but I am having my favorite din-ah... Whole Food Salad Bar!I am sooo excited because I have been craving it … [Read more...]