Eat 11/22/2008

I had the BIGGEST bowl of cereal for breakfast after my run. Then, I added more. It was good :) It made me happy. I am simple like that. For the drive up to Paso Robles I packed some snacks: grapes, pineapple, apples, a huge sourdough bagette, crackers and goat cheese. I thought all that stuff went well with our wine theme.There are no pics from it, but as soon as we arrived in … [Read more...]

No Run 11/23/2008

Rest day -No run today. I dragged Cindy out on a walk, but it was pretty short because she got tired. She needs to get it together! "Cindy, get it together." Cindy is my BFF since 1st grade. She came with me to Paso Robles because the BF had to bow out last minute because of school stuff. I lover her! Seriously, best friends since 1st grade - we have been through so much … [Read more...]