Eat 11/25/2008

Breakfast was oatbran with a perfectly over ripe naner and crumbled granol-y bar.foodies 790 Eat 11/25/2008I had blackberries for a mid-morning snack.foodies 791 Eat 11/25/2008I had to pick something up from the store and ended up having a few samples, plus some chinese food (my coworkers brought back food from lunch). I heated up a frozen meal when I got back to the office, but I only ate half since I was full from all the other food. I really shouldn’t have even made it.foodies 792 Eat 11/25/2008I had an apple a couple of hours later. foodies 793 Eat 11/25/2008Late afternoon I had some greek yog with pumpkin butta and heart to heart.foodies 794 Eat 11/25/2008I had a couple of bites of spaghetti when I got home, but I heated up the TJ’s soup that I had been craving all day for my real dinner.foodies 796 Eat 11/25/2008I had a VitaTop for dessert. Eat 11/25/2008But, it needed something…PB perhaps?foodies 798 Eat 11/25/2008I also had a BIG handful of trail mix because it was right in front of me on the table (this is where my big hands come in handy, or maybe not).foodies 799 Eat 11/25/2008I was roasting brussel sprouts, but they weren’t done until I was over dinner, but I still had some icon smile Eat 11/25/2008foodies 800 Eat 11/25/2008

I didn’t take a pic of the Chinese food or the egg nog (oops) that I had at work. Darnthese coworkers for bringing good stuff into work! I am super full now, I should have eaten slower or stopped before the trail-mix because now I am uncomfortably full.


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