Run 11/26/2008

I did 5 miles today. I couldn’t decide if I should do 4 or 5 the entire time I was running since I want to do a good run tomorrow and don’t want my legs to be too tired. When my Garmin hit 4 I felt good and decided to just keep going. I am not sure how many I am doing tomorrow. I know there will be lots of food later, so I want to get a few good miles in before the food fiesta at my house!

I also want to start going to the gym for some cross training. I don’t want to get injured before the race so I need to make sure I am not just running all the time. The thing is, I am definately intimidated by the gym. Boo. I know I just need to start going and I’ll get over it. I’m thinking of taking a class or something a couple days of the week after work, but I am not set on anything yet. I’ll keep ya posted.


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    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    There is NOTHING to be intimidated by at the gym. Half the muscle heads in there don’t even know what they are doing. Definately do a class, especially a weights class. It will give you ideas of what type of things to do.

    This weekend would be a good time to go. It’s usually empty on holidays.

    Good luck and Happy Turkey Day!

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