I am thankful for Beyonce…

My family didn’t go around the table this year saying what we were grateful for and I was disappointed. I told the BF when it was my turn I was going to say “I am thankful for Beyonce.” Seriously, after I saw her Single Ladies video I was so thankful that you don’t have to be anorexic to be considered hot. I am thankful for Jennifer Lopez and Kate Winslet too. These ladies are great role models for me. I feel like crap when I compare myself to actresses and models, but it’s hard not to do sometimes. I used to hate my butt. I was so self concious and would always wear long shirts and sweatshirts to cover it. It did not matter if I was at a good weight for my height – my ass made me look fat. I wanted to be thin, not curvy damnit! Why didn’t God make me skinny?

After a while of watching girls like J Lo. and Beyonce I started to appreciate how I was built. This booty is not going anywhere! No matter how much I run or how much weight I lose this is how my body is shaped.  I know it must suck for stars who are curvy because the press says mean things and they have to deal with it. But watching them in videos has made me like my body more.

I am thankful that there are role models like them out there for girls like me icon smile I am thankful for Beyonce...


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