Eat 11/29/2008

I was super hungry after my run – which is unusual. I think I may need to start eating more before or during my long runs. Before my run I ate half this Clif Bar. I ate the rest after breakfast and gave a bite to the BF. foodies-847After my run I had a bowl of cereal. This is usually what I crave after a long run. foodies-846The BF is sick and wanted a Cold Buster from Jamby to make him feel better. I got a Mango Mantra (one of my faves) with immunity – I hope I don’t get what he has! Maybe we shouldn’t have spent all last night making out…foodies-848I was hungry all morning! After my bowl of cereal, half a Clif bar and literally downing the smoothie I was still totally hungry! I figured I needed protein so I had a veggie burger and small portions of T-day leftovers – veggie medley and corn pudding. The corn pudding is actually not that bad since I make it with low fat sour cream and use apple sauce instead of butter. The BF was surprised when I told him that. foodies-849I went shopping for Christmas presents at Target and took my time. I love walking around Target, but I always end up spending too much money. I ate an apple in the car on the way to my next stop. foodies-850My next stop was Whole Foods. I spent a lot of time perusing the aisles there too! And I also spend way toooo much money there! I told the BF I can’t buy groceries again until Christmas. I am actually going to try to stick to only buying fruits, veggies and dairy until then. I pretty much have all the other stuff I need for a while at least. Having time to check out the loot means I find new things and spend more money. Which is good and bad.


I bought one of these great drinks with Kombucha tea in it. Kombucha is a tea that is cultured for 30 days and this process brings out a bunch of great nutrients like probiotics, antioxidants and amino acids. The label actually says …”G.T. Dave began bottling Kombucha in 1995 after it his mother’s success from drinking it during her battle with breast cancer.”  It is pretty expensive so it’s a once in a while time thing. But, I figure I did a bunch of damage to my body today with all those miles and this would be good for me :) I liked how it tasted too!foodies-852I got food from the Whole Foods hot food bar and salad bar for dinner. I ate this on the way home, it had a piece of spicy chile tofu, eggplant something or other,pad thai and a tiny bit of pesto pasta. All of it was amazing! I usually only get a tiny bit of random bites of things from the hot food bar since th salad bar is so great.foodies-853On the way to WF, even after the apple I was still hungry! Luckily, I had a couple of Clif bars in my bag. I ate half the pear apple studel bar. It was okay, I like many of the other flavors better.foodies-6691The highlight of my day was 2 kinds of couscous on my salad! I love couscous and never make it as good as WF does! There are also other goodies in the salad like 2 pieces of tofu, a bite of potato salad and mac salad. This stuff is so satisfying. I feel like I eat these salads smiling. I am lame.foodies-858My stash from WF included a new cookie. I ate 2. Boo, the plan was to eat 1 but my mistake is I left them right in front of me while blogging. I also ate a couple of chips with beans/cheese no pic. foodies-883


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    what a great idea-not to buy groceries until xmas. i think i may try that too! i have so much food back home waiting for me to be eaten (mainly cereals/bars/snacks) that i should munch on. great idea-i’ll let u know how i follow through!!!! PS love the pumpkin pie SPICE!!

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    Oh i wish I could do that no groceries thing… I spend SO MUCH TIME at the grocery store, but I just cant bulk-buy! Don’t know why…

    your eats look gorgeous! LOVE jamba

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