Run 11/24/2008

I ran 5.38 miles this morning. I wanted to do more, but didn't have time. Oh well. It felt great to get out after sitting in a car for 5 hours yesterday! … [Read more...]

Eat 11/22/2008

I had the BIGGEST bowl of cereal for breakfast after my run. Then, I added more. It was good :) It made me happy. I am simple like that. For the drive up to Paso Robles I packed some snacks: grapes, pineapple, apples, a huge sourdough bagette, crackers and goat cheese. I thought all that stuff went well with our wine theme.There are no pics from it, but as soon as we arrived in … [Read more...]

No Run 11/23/2008

Rest day -No run today. I dragged Cindy out on a walk, but it was pretty short because she got tired. She needs to get it together! "Cindy, get it together." Cindy is my BFF since 1st grade. She came with me to Paso Robles because the BF had to bow out last minute because of school stuff. I lover her! Seriously, best friends since 1st grade - we have been through so much … [Read more...]

RUN!!! 11/22/2008

15.75 miles (I walked the .25 as a cool down, so I won't call if 16). My legs feel tired and sore now. In better news...I am leaving for Paso Robles right now! So, I have to go, but I will be back later tonight with the fun details :) I think after all that running I deserve some wine tastings! Woo-woo. Let's hear it for getting wasted after you already dehydrated from … [Read more...]

Run 11/21/2008

No run today since I have a long run tomorrow. I did 8 minute abs and then walked 4.26 miles around the neighborhood. It was pretty relaxing. I love walking, it's my meditation :) … [Read more...]


Do any of you watch Grey's Anatomy? I don't get it. I love Denny, I do. But, it just makes me sad when he comes back. I know he can't stay and he's still dead. It's just sad :( I am torn - I like seeing him, but I just remember how tragic it was when he died. Boo. … [Read more...]

Eat 11/20/2008

I wanted something a little different in my oatmeal this morning so I added half a Quaker delights bar. I used the banana coconut one and it was so good!I was hungry around 11 for lunch and tried to hold out as long as I could. I ended up eating half of my PB&J at 11:30 and half around 12:30p along with the rest of my lunch.The rest of my lunch was shredded oats (plus a … [Read more...]

Steak Din-ah!

My friend Adriel used to have neighbors that would walk around their apartment yelling, "Steak Din-ah!!!" I thought that was so funny that I still say it. Ha. Anyways, Why do people love steak dinners so much? Because it's fancy or something? Well, I'm not having steak but I am having my favorite din-ah... Whole Food Salad Bar!I am sooo excited because I have been craving it … [Read more...]

Run 11/20/2008

7 miles with my new Garmin :) It was fun to run aimlessly without knowing when I would turn back! Now, I just need to figure out what the heck else this contraption does... One of my co-workers had a funny comment when I first bought the Garmin during my lunch Monday and brought it back into the office, " ...That has a GPS? Are you so conceited that you think you can run so … [Read more...]

Eat Part II 11/19/2008

After a very snacky lunch (I took no pics) I was hungry for a snack around 3:30pm. I thought it would be a great idea to make a pumpkin shake so I started with pumpkin as a base and proceeded to add everything in my freakin' freezer to make it taste good. I didn't have my go-to ingredients for a killer pumpkin shake, but it's coming soon! Anyways, I had a HUGE shake because I … [Read more...]

Foreman Update

I forgot to mention the deal I got on my new toy. Costco sent out a booklet of coupons a week or two back and I saw a coupon for $40.00 off the Garmin Forerunner 305. The coupon became effective Nov.17th and is valid for about 2 weeks (sorry I don't have the book with me for the exact date, but I will update when I get it). If you received this coupon book check to see if … [Read more...]

Eat Part I 11/19/2008

I had a handful of shredded wheat before I went on my run. When I got back I couldn't decide between oats or cold cereal (it's still warm here) and finally decided oats because the naners were so ripe. But, I still ended up eating some cereal while I was cooking, I guess I wanted that more - I should have went with it. I had to drop my car off at the dealer to get serviced … [Read more...]

Run 11/19/2008

This morning I ran with my new running partner - my Garmin Forerunner 305!!! This is what I bought yesterday at Costco (the present to myself for the GRE pain I put myself through). I had just got it yesterday and only took it out of the box for a minute at work so my co-workers could make fun of me for how big my new "watch" is. But, I didn't charge it last night :( So as soon … [Read more...]

Seasonal Clif Bars

I found them! I finally found the seasonal Clif bar flavors - Pear Apple Strudel, Spiced Pumpkin Pie and Ice Gingerbread! I found them last night at the "fancy" Ralphs by my house. (The usual Ralphs that I go to is not as nice and this one is in the city next to us.) So heads up to those of you searching for them - I found them at Ralphs. I had to break open the pumpkin one … [Read more...]

Run 11/18/2008

I ran about 6 miles today and felt so good! I felt like I was going pretty fast, but I don't know if I actually was. There has been fires around southern California lately and I didn't smell any smoke or anything so I thought it was fine to run. Well, I think I was wrong. Mid-morning at work I started to feel kinda sick - like my throat was scratchy and my chest kinda hurt. I … [Read more...]

Eat 11/18/2008

Okay, so yesterday's eating was Bad - with a capital B (obviously).  I couldn't stop nervous snacking all day! I was coming down from the test all day and I still couldn't just relax. I really should have had a drink to relax. I am super high strung, I think I've mentioned before that I always joke about having an anxiety disorder (the BF refers to it as my anxiety … [Read more...]