Eat I 12/31/2008

Hello! It's the last of 2008 so let's make it great! Ha, that rhymes and is super cheesy (an added bonus). After my run I came back home to make some eggs and cereal. I was actually craving both eggs and cereal so I told the BF I would make him eggs (so I could steal some) and I would have cereal. I made a huge bowl of a bunch of cereals with naner and had toast with pumpkin … [Read more...]

Eat 12/30/2008

I think I am back in business! I felt a lot better today :) After my 7 mile run this morning with about a 3/4mile walk to cool down I made oatmeal with oats, nf milk, naner, brown sugar and PB. It was super creamy and delicious.The BF and I went to the Salvador Dali museumin Saint Petersburg. I had seen some of Dali's work in the past, but didn't really come to appreciate it … [Read more...]

Run 12/30/2008

Florida morning - Today was perfectly overcast and cool - great running weather! It was even lightly misting when I first left for my run - I love that! I ended up running 7 miles. I felt so good I could have done more, but I am still coming off being sick, so I didn't want to push it. I hope there will be another overcast morning this week so I can get more good runs in while … [Read more...]

Run 12/29/2008

I took off Saturday and Sunday from running. I actually was feeling kinda sick when I got into FL on Friday night/Saturday morning. I felt worse on Sunday and decided another rest day would probably be best. Finally on Monday morning I woke up feeling better and did about 6 miles :) It feels so good to run after you've taken some time off. It's always harder for me to run in … [Read more...]

It was a long day…

I left the day after Christmas to visit the BF and his family in Florida. I flew out of the Orange County airport with a layover in Houston before ending up in Tampa. Okay, this is a long story I am going to try and make short- The flight out of Orange County was about 20 minutes delayed and then we had to stay in some flight holding pattern above the Houston airport for … [Read more...]

Christmas – Mexican Style

I am MIA since Christmas Eve! It's the 29th - that is 5 days of no blogging! I am sorry. Seriously, I feel really bad :( I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Here is a quick highlights recap of my indulgent Christmas eats. I am only showing the "holiday" stuff in an effort to not waste your time...   Holly Nog vs. Egg Nog - The Holly Nog is on the left, it's darker and is … [Read more...]

Christmas Eve Plan

My family gets together on Christmas Eve to just hang out and drink. We open presents on Christmas morning. Tonights festivities include tamales and alcohol :) My mom doesn't make tamales from scratch. It is a ton of work! My dad's side of the fam makes them and I've made them in the past. So, we always order them from a local panaderia. They are amazing! This is really the … [Read more...]

Run 12/24/2008

Merry Christmas Eve! I am working from home today and have so much to do! I am stressed. I started the day with 7.5 miles. I am taking tomorrow as a rest day so I can enjoy opening presents with the fam. My little bro just turned 8 and we have to see what Santa brought him. I love it ;) I need to walk the dogs before it starts raining here...check ya later! … [Read more...]

Eat 12/23/2008

My last day of work in the office - I get to work from home tomorrow :) I started the day with oats, of course. Oats are so good on a cold morning, but I don't really like them in the summer :(Lunch was egg salad on ww with carrots...and the best combo of greek yogurt, pumpkin butter and Kashi Go Lean Crunch ever! I put the cereal in in the morning when I packed my lunch and … [Read more...]

Run 12/23/2008

Christmas countdown - Only 2 days to go! Are you ready? I have a lot of wrapping to do! I used to love wrapping presents, my mom and grandma used to pay me to wrap their gifts. Now I think of it as a chore. Run - 7.5 miles. I was cold again, but I had a good run :) I have some errands to run after work, but I will be back later :) … [Read more...]

Eat 12/22/2008

Happy Christmas Week! I started Monday off right with my fave oats and Almond Butter - see, I'm changing it up a little!Then, I got to work to find this on my desk - a container full of goodies. I ate way too many cookies and candies today. It all started with some PB balls...That led to a haystack ( I don't even like butterscotch in this form!)...That resulted in 2 little choc … [Read more...]

Run 12/22/2008

It was sprinkling this morning, but just barely so I decided to go for it and run. Well, of course it started to rain harder while I was out, but I was already wet so I did 5 miles and went home. I am not used to this much rain. What is the deal? According to it's going to run Christmas Eve and Christmas too. Boo to that. As long as it doesn't rain the 26th I am … [Read more...]

No run 12/21/2008

Since it was a rest day I started the morning with a 40 minute walk with the dogs. I ended up taking another walk in the afternoon when I got home from errands. I love walks :) I just wish there was a yoga studio near my home - I would be all over that if there was! … [Read more...]

Eat 12/21/2008

I have been craving pancakes for a couple of weeks and finally had the time to make them Sunday  morning. I made them with oat bran, a little ww flour, egg whites and almond milk. Maple syrup and a naner on the side. I was out running errands until 4pm! I ate an apple on the road and some grapes (no pic). It's weird, but I wasn't really that hungry. I just ate the fruit because … [Read more...]

Run 12/20/2008

Before my run this morning I wasn't really hungry, but thought I should at least eat some toast with PB. I usually don't eat before a short run so my body isn't that used to it. My run today was supposed to be 19 miles. It was super cold which is good running weather, especially for a long run! I was actually sore from yoga yesterday. I need to go more often so I get different … [Read more...]

Eat Part I 12/20/2008

Surprisingly, after running for over 3 hours I was not hungry at all. My stomach even felt a little upset, but I didn't eat anything during my run and only had a piece of toast before so I knew I had to eat something. I don't have any fruit at home so I stopped at TJ's for some blackberries, pineapple and a box of Shredded Oats. I had a drive home and was going to take a shower … [Read more...]