Run 12/3/2008

So, based on my legs still feeling tired yesterday I decided not to run today, but I still wanted to do some exercise. I just got a membership to the gym recently so I could incorporate cross training into my marathon training and I've only went 2 or 3 times so far. They gym just doesn't seem fun, especially compared to the open road :)  Well, I had to suck it up and I went to … [Read more...]

Chocolate Coconut Chew Larabar

Okay it had been a good long while since I've had a Larabar. Since I received my new stash I have thought about which one I should bust open first.  I tried the coconut cream pie one in my oatmeal a couple of days ago, but I don't think that counts because I used it as a topping and not the main event. For my afternoon snack yesterday I decided on the Chocolate Coconut Chew … [Read more...]

Eat 12/2/2008

I have been trying to post my daily eats since last night, I don't know if it's my computer, internet or wordpress, but it was taking 10 minutes to load 1 picture! I said forget it and went to bed. Here is a quick run down with more to come...   Breakfast was same-o same-o oatmeal with naner, almond milk, pb and a little pumpkin butter (which is a new oats addition for me).I … [Read more...]

Secret #1 – Marathon Training

As I am training for my first Marathon I am learning many things "they" don't tell you about training for a marathon. ("They" being people who run marathons, or advocate the running of marathons.) I feel it is my mission to provide you with honest and frank truths about training for a marathon. Heck, there might as well be a good reason for putting myself through all this … [Read more...]