Run 12/6/2008

Today was a long run. Did I mention that I didn't check my training plan last weekend and just assumed I was supposed to run 17 miles, up 1 mile from the week before? Well, I wasn't. Last weekend was supposed to be a step back week and I should have done 11! WTF. No wonder my legs were trying to tell me something this week! It's like they knew. Well, I decided to take a step … [Read more...]

My ongoing weight loss journey…

My main goal for this blog has always been to help me lose weight. My struggle with weight loss and loving my body has been going on since high school. Growing up I was always chubby; sometimes more, sometimes less - but always a little overweight at least. So I have always seen myself as fat. After graduating from high school I really wanted to lose weight so I started … [Read more...]